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MAIN BLOG - International career opportunities - Aug 20

International career opportunities – working on a private yacht.

Interview with Antonie Botha. A qualification in the hospitality industry can open many doors for you during the course of your career. One such opportunity is working as a private chef onboard the luxury privately owned yachts. Antonie Botha has been working as a chef on private yachts for 15 years, and he sat down […]

MAIN BLOG - get qualified - May 20

What are the career opportunities with an Internationally recognised Culinary or Hospitality accredited qualification?

Hospitality and food are one of the world’s most exciting and continuously evolving industries. Obtaining a qualification can enable you to work locally and overseas and see the world! It can inspire your creativeness with different foods to be discovered and revealed. Should you decide to study for an accredited qualification in Hospitality, you need […]

MAIN BLOG - better immunity - May 20

Tips on how to strengthen your immune system during lockdown.

Around the world, the Northern Hemisphere countries are coming to the end of their winters, but South Africa is just entering into winter. With the Coronavirus stil spreading in South Africa, it can be deadly to people who have a weak immune system. Wearing a mask, disinfecting and washing your hands regularly, are all methods […]

MAIN BLOG - Easter dishes - Apr 20

10 Traditional Easter dishes from around the world

Food always plays an integral part of any celebrations, and also does during the Easter festivities. Every culture celebrates Easter enjoying their own traditional dishes or confectionary. Let’s take a look at the following 10 traditional Easter dishes and delicacies from around the world. South Africa Pickled Fish is a traditional Easter meal mostly found […]