What are the career opportunities with an Internationally recognised Culinary or Hospitality accredited qualification?

Hospitality and food are one of the world’s most exciting and continuously evolving industries. Obtaining a qualification can enable you to work locally and overseas and see the world! It can inspire your creativeness with different foods to be discovered and revealed.

Should you decide to study for an accredited qualification in Hospitality, you need to know what it could do for your career and what opportunities are out there for you.

With a qualification in Hospitality, the choices are endless, to name but a few:


The Francois Ferreira Academy offers an International Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking, which prepares you to become a chef both locally and internationally. If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, creating new dishes and experimenting with new flavours, then this is the best course for you.

Recipe Developer

Recipe developers can also be qualified chefs who create new menu items for restaurants and catering companies. They can work for food manufacturers developing recipes using specific products or creating recipes according to certain nutritional and dietary requirements for nursing homes, hospitals, and other health organisations. Starting a food blog can also be an option, or even becoming a food journalist for a food magazine.

Hotel Manager

The Francois Ferreira Academy now offers an International Diploma in Hotel Management. The role of a Hotel Manager is to supervise employees, control budgets, maintain statistical and financial records, and they are also responsible for overseeing maintenance work, events and room bookings. Handling guest complaints , are also part of the job, which need to be dealt with as well.

Restaurant Manager

A Restaurant Manager is responsible for maintaining and managing restaurants and leading their staff by example. The manager is in charge of various duties ranging from marketing strategies, recruiting, hiring and training of staff to overseeing food quality, developing menus, timeous service delivery, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Events Manager

Do you enjoy a fast-moving and pressurised environment? Then events planning is the perfect career choice for you. Being an events manager means working long hours and it is hard work, but the opportunity to make your creative idea a reality and earning a salary at the same time, is very fulfilling. Tasks include liaising with clients to determine their exact requirements and budget, and then produce a detailed proposal. This would include timelines, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing, as well as managing and coordinating suppliers and all event logistics. You would also need to liaise with sales and marketing teams to publicise and promote the event.

If the careers above don’t meet your expectations, then the following career options could also be considered:

  • Chef on a cruise liner or private yacht
  • Chef for corporates or private dinner parties.
  • Food and Beverage or Functions Manager
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Accommodations Manager
  • Catering Manager for large scale catering operations such as hospitals, mines, factories and schools
  • Tour Operator

The Hospitality Industry is an ever growing industry that offers a great variety of job opportunities locally or even abroad. If you would like to enter the hospitality sector, then enrol at the Francois Ferreira Academy, where international culinary and hospitality standards of education and qualifications are upheld, and where our students are given practical experiences at world-class restaurants and hotels.

June 2020 enrolments are still open.

Your hospitality journey starts with The Francois Ferreira Academy!!