MAIN BLOG - Busy during lockdown - Apr 20

How to keep busy during lockdown

Firstly, let us congratulate you on surviving your first week of being in lockdown. These are very uncertain and unfamiliar times that we are experiencing, but if we all stay positive and stay at home, the situation will soon get back to normal.

You may have thought that the first week might have been a breeze, but as time goes by, you may run out of ideas to keep you and your family busy and out of each other’s hair.

Not to worry, the Francois Ferreira Academy is here to offer some ideas to stay busy during week two of the lockdown.

Try a new recipe

We all have a recipe that we always wanted to try, but never had the time to do so. Well you’re in luck, because time is on your side now. So dust off grandma’s old recipe book and start cooking.

Invention test

Have a look in your fridge, and select a few ingredients, maybe one sweet ingredient, one salty ingredient and a bitter option. Try to make a delicious dish out of the various ingredients. This is great fun and can include the whole family!

Learn a new skill

With so much time on your hands, why don’t you learn to do something new. A few examples are pickling, making jam, baking breads or even trying to poach the perfect egg. There are a lot of online courses available or check out some videos on the FFA Facebook page.

Read a book

Reading can be very beneficial and enjoyable. It increases memory, relieves stress and improves sleep. Reading also increases vocabulary expansion. The more you read, the more words you are exposed to. Being well-spoken and articulate can help increase job performance and self-esteem.

We trust the above-mentioned ideas will make your time during lockdown more enjoyable and interesting.

Stay Safe