MAIN BLOG - Cooking with kids - Oct 19

Keeping the little ones busy during the holidays

It’s that time of the year where the teachers are given a well-deserved break and mom and dad have to keep the kids amused and out of mischief all day.

All parents have heard those dreaded words….

”I am so bored”

We are here to help you with some ideas to keep the kids entertained and away from the TV and mobile phone this holiday.

Because Francois Ferreira Academy is so passionate about cooking and food, naturally all our recommendations will include food!

Get creative in the kitchen by baking a batch of homemade cookies and let the kids go wild on decorations. Here is a recipe which is easy, colourful and delicious.

DIY Stamps using potatoes.

Stationery Art does not have to be expensive, as it is available in your own home.

  • First start by cutting your potatoes in half and carve out the desired shape on the potato’s cut side.
  • Dip your potato stamp in paint, making sure that the stamp is covered evenly with paint.
  • Press stamp firmly on paper and have fun.

Make edible play dough.

What can be more fun than to create your own shapes and eat them too. Mom and Dad then won’t have to worry about the little ones putting the raw dough into their mouths! Visit for fun recipes.

Make lunch an event and enjoy the outdoors by going on a picnic.

  • Hide yummy, healthy treats around the house with clues, and keep the kids busy for hours on an adventurous scavenger hunt.
  • Cook up a storm together, it is a great way to get the whole family involved which creates teamwork to achieve a fun end result. Let the kids take the lead by deciding on the menu.

We hope that these ideas will help you survive the holidays. Keep an eye on our Facebook page where we will advertise the Public Cooking Classes for both Kids and Adults to enjoy.

For more information and bookings for the Public Cooking Classes, contact Donia on 044 884 0765 or