The Francois Ferreira Academy is an accredited training provider with CATHSSETA and City & Guilds International, and offers a variety of skills courses to choose from.

Why use the Francois Ferreira Academy as a Skills Development Training provider?

  • All our facilitators are highly qualified.
  • We can customise training to suit your needs.
  • The training content is in line with Industry standards and the National Qualification Framework (NQF)
  • Certificates and Qualifications are recognised throughout the Industry.
  • The establishment must work through an accredited training provider to be able to claim back training costs from the Skills Development Fund.

What are the benefits of training?

  • Your Business can improve its competitiveness by earning additional points on the BEE scorecard.
  • Training promotes job satisfaction amongst employees.
  • Employees can be cross-trained to be proficient in more than one aspect of the business as training adds flexibility and efficiency .
  • Training improves all round skills and work performance.
  • Staff who are trained are more motivated and add value to the business, they are less likely to leave the company that takes an interest in them, and invests in their personal and professional development, thus instilling loyalty and commitment.
  • Trained staff work more independently, need less supervision and have enhanced problem solving capabilities.
  • Your business will benefit by having professionally trained employees, who can offer internationally recognised customer service, which will increase reputation, turnover and profitability.
  • Training will ensure greater customer satisfaction and spend.
  • Staff will receive a certificate from CATHSSETA on successfully completing training.

Accredited Courses

  • Assistant Chef Skills Programme
  • Assistant Housekeeper Skills Programme
  • Table Attendant Skills Programme

New Skills Programmes to be INTRODUCED IN 2020!!

  • Bar Attendant
  • Public Area Cleaner
  • Room Attendant
  • Hospitality Reception
  • Event Support Assistant
  • Porters/Concierge

Non-Accredited Courses

  • At Your Service
  • Restaurant Customer Care
  • General Customer Care
  • Hot and Cold Beverage Service
  • Short and Sweet Wine Course
  • Tourism Ambassador Course
  • We are licenced to present a range of courses on behave of Cape Wine Academy